What a wonderful adventure, from purchasing fish at Mount Irvine beach – King Fish, Marlin and more and shopping for fresh vegetables from the markets – using herbs from the garden and dining out at the Seahorse Inn where the lobster was excellent (service very slow). The Mechelle’s celebrating a groundhog day with lovely food – great wine and fantastic evening all round, with a special cake. Swimming in the pool. Pigeon Point really great also great surf opposite Seahorse Inn.

The birds are a treat but one should be forewarned – the Cocorico entertaining us at 4 a.m. Loved the Bannaquits and the Blue-crowned Motmot from the porch.
Thank you.

-Suzanne and Peter Clendingmeng, Canada

I am very impressed by the design of J’Ouvert. I enjoyed every moment of being here and the safety and comfort has been outstanding. The ambience of the place is very good and the time spent here was excellent.

This place is truly wonderful. As a builder I was impressed by its interior layout for convenience and privacy even though a large group is here. The facilities are up to date and the location couldn’t be better. I have to return and will surely tell others of this place.

-Asquith Rollock

Too much to express. The serenity is the memory I will treasure forever. My son loves the pool.

-Mucarapo family forever

We absolutely loved J’Ouvert Vila. The whole ambiance is soothing. We’re touched by the beautiful designs and abstract art. We were more than comfortable and sadly wished that we had more time here.

-A group from New York, Florida and Trinidad

What can I say? Everyone was pleasantly surprised by J’Ouvert Villa. Just being in Tobago is a vacation in itself but this villa seems more like home actually BETTER than home. I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else. Grown-ups and kids alike enjoyed the pool, the backyard, the rooms and the kitchen. On Saturday we went to see Buccoo Reef which was something none of us had seen before. Truly breathtaking. I never thought I would end up finding a piece of heaven amongst the beauty that is Tobago. I cannot wait to get home and tell everyone about the wonderful memories that I will treasure forever, here at J’Ouvert Villa.

-N. Persaud with a group from Eldorado, Trinidad and Toronto

Never before have we experienced such a truly perfect place to kick back at the end of a long and strenuous day at the beach.(Ha) The pool was in use pretty much around the clock with swims marking our morning, noon and night. We are truly thankful to Gillian and Keith for providing us with such a lovely place to call our base as we fall in love with Tobago! Many thanks always

-Erin and Séan McKinley, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Gillian and Keith we are so grateful to both of you for sharing your slice of paradise. We have loved every minute of our two weeks here and have some memories to share for a lifetime. J’Ouvert is truly magic in its ability to make you leave it all behind and slow the planet down a smidge to refresh, replenish and rejuvenate. The house is perfect and the kids will be talking about the pool for years. Thank you for a truly wonderful holiday.

-Kelly, John, Ella and Will
Toronto, Canada

It was a blast! It is the best rental house I’ve been in. The geckoes are friendly. Will and I named one Gordon. It was the coolest and best I’ve ever been to!

-From Ella

We had a wonderful time in J’Ouvert for the weekend. The villa certainly surpassed our expectations and was definitely our home away from home. Many good memories and we certainly intend to come back again soon! There isn’t anything we would change in this villa. It was perfect and created the perfect holiday atmosphere. We certainly had a great time and will always recall our stay here.

-Ryan Roopandial and Sherene Hayrem, Trinidad

The J’Ouvert Villa is wonderful. I hope to visit again sometime soon. This Easter was the best ever. Spending it in J’Ouvert Villa I did not regret.


On behalf of the Barnes and Radulovic family thanks for providing this wonderful place in your island paradise for us to stay with all the great amenities that make this place so special and welcoming. We are completely impressed by the amount of effort and attention to details that went into making this place comfortable and ensuring a perfect vacation. J’Ouvert Villa is a real home away from home. Our kids were very happy. We are all leaving with memories that will last forever.
Nice layout, pleasant help, well stocked, thanks much.

-David and Caroline Lewis

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